Lucky Kentucky Labradors
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Lucky Kentucky Labradors
Victoria Hammons
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Welcome to Lucky Kentucky Labradors!
​We love Labrador Retrievers! Our chocolate lab Brody and our fox red yellow female Sam have brought so much joy into our lives! Brody moved with me and is standing at stud in North Carolina. Sam is still in KY with my stepmom. Our dogs live in the home with us. There are small children at our house often, so calm, well mannered dogs, that can keep up with the energy of a child, are a must. We strive to produce well rounded puppies that are wonderful for families and also are true to the Labrador's waterdog heritage as 
​perfect hunting companions.  
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*Fox Red Yellow Puppies Due March 2018!!! See description below. This litter is in KY.

Sam is having her third litter as a repeat breeding to a wonderful fox Red male named Driver. The red pups to the right are theirs from the last litter of 8. This will be an all Fox Red shaded yellow litter as well. The puppies from the first litter were so amazing we have one family wanting another one right now and one family bought three from the first litter! One for each of their children.
S​am is a lovely fox red yellow lab who loves two things, her people and playing fetch... all day long wink emoticon;)
She comes from a strong line of hunting retrievers with bloodlines from Duck Hill Kennels. She is of the British lab tradition with insane natural retrieve drive. There is no stubbornness about her and she jumps at the opportunity to please you with just a soft spoken word. She loves to retrieve hard but has never displayed hyperness or destructive habits. Perfect on/off switch between drive and family dog! She is a huge part of our family and has always had perfect manners. She is also a wonderful momma and this will be her second litter. She weighs about 60 lbs normally but she is putting on the weight currently smile emoticon:) She has a shorter, stockier build with well proportioned legs and head. She is a superb swimmer and runner as well.

Driver is a beautiful fox red yellow male who boasts an impressive pedigree. His father is HRCH UH BOK Risky Business MH CD RA CGC and yes only about half of that is his name, the rest are AKC titles for obedience, rally and hunting retriever titles. Driver himself is a professionally trained retriever and hunts both waterfowl and upland. He was purchased directly from He has a gorgeous dark, dark red color and is very compact, short and stocky weighing about 65 lbs. His compact build is very nice for hunting as he is easy to hide! He sports a gorgeous blocky head and mild temperament with the coveted on/off switch as he goes from hard driving hunter to sweet and easy child companion to his 1 year old human. He, like Sam, has wonderful manners and they both are highly trainable with a strong desire to please.

​Contact me to be put on a list to be contacted when they are born!